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Mind Clear, Eyes Open - The Power of "You"

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

When the perspective is seen through the eyes of others, maybe we understand just a bit better what it means. If, however, you are not willing to truly listen you'll develop a response before you've even thought about what was said...may as well stay asleep.

In my opinion, pure uniformity of thought is a fool’s pipedream; and diversity is problematic only to the extent we don’t understand and appreciate it. I’ve been guilty of a fool’s pipedream many times in my life and career when working to solve problems and develop opportunities; but I’ve learned to be open-minded, continually learn and apply insights from one area to another. Each time I’ve been afforded an opportunity to work with a new partner, colleague, customer, group, etc. on solving a problem my eyes have opened just a bit further. It’s a wonderful feeling to work towards positive results together.

Most people have their own definitions of what they like, don’t like, want, don’t want, makes them happy, makes them disappointed, need, don’t need, find value in, find worthless, so on and so forth.

As Distinction Risk Solutions looks ahead it’s important to note with the launch of this company comes a focus that is simple: “It’s all about You”. Why? If we as leaders (of family, of business, of community) think …there is always another “You” coming into our sphere of involvement and think about asking those new “Yous” what makes them happy, what they need to feel safe, successful and productive, then I believe we are more likely to continue to improve our businesses and communities.

Importantly, if we can engage from the perspective of “You” then we can collectively become better listeners by focusing outwardly. We can understand the whys behind the things most important to our “Yous”; and having been provided broader context for each of those things of importance, combined with our expertise, we can deliver more significant and sustainable improvement.

In focusing Distinction Risk Solutions to be all about “You” and recognizing the unique needs you have for servicing your customers and clients successfully, my hope, for us, is to jointly develop solutions that provide broader impact beyond a simple transfer of risk to an insurance carrier, bringing you success and your customers increased satisfaction. Conversations and interactions will be open, honest and purposefully driven. Sometimes the lock and key simply don’t fit. That’s ok, candid but respectful dialogue can figure that out quickly.

Over the next several weeks I plan to post some simple insights into what you are paying for when buying insurance products, thoughts to consider when you engage in the process of evaluating the value of the partners you choose to do business with, and in the spirit of Distinction Risk Solutions’ values share some past leadership perspectives and thoughts at large. There may even be discussion around slow-motion bungee jumping from 30,000 feet?

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