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Being original, genuine, trustworthy, reliable.

Distinction Risk Solutions
Core Values:  Authenticity, Candor, Collaboration, Competence, Discovery

Distinction Risk Solutions is a niche focused commercial and personal lines P&C insurance agency and business consultancy built on a commitment to serve our clients; centered around collaboration and discovery. We listen, engage and recognize your uniqueness, allowing us to understand and develop the best outcomes for your business and your customer. Experience, derived from decades of leadership of finance, underwriting, risk and service teams for successful insurance carriers and financial firms, provide real world expertise in business acumen, continuous process improvement and enterprise risk management.

Distinction Risk Solutions is focused on enabling your success by partnering with you to optimize your risk and operational profile, enabling you to invest your time growing your business and enjoying life.

Meet the Distinction Risk Team

At Distinction Risk Solutions, we believe in the value of hard work, new experiences, and applying our skills to do good for our clients and their communities. We understand that each customer has unique needs, and take pride in providing solutions that are tailored to their individual requirements.  We also believe one thing you can hold on to and give away at the same time is your word.  When we give you ours, you can count on us to deliver.

Our team is comprised of leaders with over 60 years of experience in the insurance, finance and development industries. We have strong background in operations and service delivery, risk (underwriting, analytics, claims), finance and strategy.  Our team also holds multiple insurance industry designations and advanced degrees, enabling us to provide the highest quality of understanding and service to our customers. 

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Partnership Approach - The Distinction Way

The Distinction Way begins with our core values and extends, in execution, to best practices established within the risk management profession for the identification, addressment and ongoing monitoring of your key business risks. Our core values, selected practices and belief in responsiveness apply not only to our approach to partnering with and providing services to you, but also in the evaluation and selection of our partners who will be providing insurance and related services to you. 

Importantly, we want you, the potential client, to know Distinction Risk is not a transactional company and does not partner with everyone or every potential client.  We expect collaboration and think you should as well.  As such, our engagement process begins with a Partnership Alignment Review (PAR) entailing a conversation centered around building an awareness of each other's approach to business and, in particular, the servicing of customers.  Essentially, we want to ensure our values and approaches are "on par" or significantly in alignment.  This is true whether we are discussing insurance solutions or non-insurance consulting services.










We will be open and candid.  We believe the opportunity to provide valuable services to you as an independent agency and consultancy should come at industry relevant levels of compensation.  We don't believe in a model where volume should be a primary driver, but rather we believe in developing solutions where you - the client, the carrier - our partner, and Distinction Risk Solutions all benefit when the niches we serve and the clients in those niches experience reduced losses.  Our goal in providing our service is to improve the health and sustainability of your business.


The Distinction Way is about collaboration and competence... ultimately building trust.  Without responsiveness to needs, it's difficult to establish trust.  Lack of responsiveness shows a lack of respect, personal responsibility and accountability.  Despite a growing perception of insurance being a commodity, all carriers, access points to those carriers and service providers are not equal when it comes to understanding your business, when it comes to financial strength and importantly  when it comes to providing high quality responsive service - whether that service relates to pre-loss prevention activities, post-loss severity mitigation, ongoing claim handling, updating your coverages or other.   We aim to align with providers that best understand your industry.

The Distinction Way also recognizes the fact that many risks are dynamic and ever changing.  We value ongoing exploration, reviews with our clients and discovering new ways to improve your risk profile.  Our role is to be a trusted risk advisor to you, so we work each day to learn and make sure we are well positioned to do just that.


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