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Artisan & Construction Contractors

Your companies are the creators, the builders, the installers and "fixers"; the experts in building our communities and keeping them in good condition.  You and your teams do this all while dealing with tight timelines, high customer expectations, and variable costs.  Our contractor focused insurance solutions are tailored to protect your business against the risks associated with your role in the industry.

We can provide the following broad lines of coverage from our insurance partners including, but not limited to:

  • Liability (ongoing and completed operations, premises, professional, etc.)

  • Property (buildings, business property, tenant improvements)

  • Builder's Risk

  • Inland Marine (equipment, tools, installation floaters)

  • Crime (employee theft, client's property)

  • Commercial Auto

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Umbrella and Excess Liability

  • Cyber

  • Surety Bonds (Contract, License and Permit)

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Businesses We Serve

At Distinction Risk Solutions , we understand the unique, and often heightened risks that contractors face, and we offer individualized Contractor Insurance solutions to keep you protected. Our agency team works with you to identify, analyze and evaluate approaches to manage your business risks and map that analysis into the placement of insurance solutions, where it makes most sense.   We provide a range of insurance options from insurance carriers that specialize in providing their product and services to the construction and contractor industry; further backed by our strong risk management, finance and insurance experience.


From 1 to 100...while not limited by size, our focus is on contractors and companies in the following areas that generally employ less than 100 FTE.   Whether you are in the Omaha or Lincoln Nebraska metropolitan areas, Central or Eastern Nebraska, Council Bluffs,  Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri or any of the Midwest states we service we have the resources and tools to help you feel confident your insurance program has you covered the way you want and need to be.  

Construction Contractors

Artisan Contractors

Exposures to Consider

While you run your business, we help you bridge the gap from risk to insurance.

Flexibility and resiliency are key in contracting given the many variables you regularly deal with - from weather, to prices of materials and components, shifting customer expectations and changing regulations. Recognizing exposures in advance and being prepared to respond quickly may be the reason your company is able to keep going even when the unexpected occurs.  Exposures your organization may face:


  • Injury due to faulty completion of work or failure of work product to perform as expected

  • Customer or visitor injured while on premises of jobsite or during/by work being performed

  • Flaws in the recommendation, design or implementation of the intended  project work or product

  • Damage to or destruction of customer property while performing project work

  • Operations involving products considered pollutants and/or operations that can cause damage to structures/equipment which could create release or escape of pollutants

  • Do you take mobile or online payments?  Do you email clients proposals,  service information or other information?  Do you electronically store client information, design plans and work orders? 

  • Do you have a website?  Is informational only or does it contains forms to collect information or links for clients to upload and download information?



  • Materials and equipment awaiting installation on-site, off-site in storage and in transit to your project location

  • Tools of the trade you use regularly while on the job site

  • Equipment and parts you inventory for sale to customers or as samples

  • What happens if damage to important components required to complete your jobs is damaged or delayed - loss of business income may occur. 

  • Do employees order and manage inventory, accept payments or make payments on behalf of your business? Theft of inventory, cash or client property by employees is a potential exposure.

  • Expensive mobile equipment or owned buildings exposed to natural weather events and vandalism.


Your team(s), their activities and conversations

  • Height, depth, confined space exposure along with interactions with heavy equipment, power tools, electric and gas sources as well as chemicals and varying work locations increase risk of employee injury

  • Do you provide benefits? If so, the administration of benefit plans and errors in plan selection or updates 

  • Discrimination asserted in hiring or termination processes

  • Tense conversations with clients or online feedback sources and responses leading to liability exposure


  • Liability arising from frequent use of personal vehicles, rented vehicles or company owned vehicle(s) for transporting goods to various places and travel to and from jobsites.

  • Multiple passenger exposures per vehicle based on services provided and crews required to complete jobs 

  • Property damage to fleet vehicles if parked outside in single location



Key Liability & Casualty Coverages

Meant to cover your business for loss allegations from and indemnification of third parties (due to your completed work product, while engaged in your work and/or responsible for the premises/location you are working on) arising from bodily injury, property damage or financial damage (Professional/E&O).  As a contracting organization you are more likely to face heightened levels of general liability exposures, work related injuries, as well as potential claims for design errors; and given frequent job to job transportation, auto liability claims.

Personal and Advertising Injury
Contractors Professional Liability
Workers' Comp
Copy of EL
Business Auto
Hired and Non-Owned
Contract Surety Bonds
Commercial Surety Bonds

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  • General Liability

    • Premises and Ongoing Operations

    • Products and Completed Operations

    • Personal and Advertising Injury 

  • Professional Liability/E&O (Errors & Omissions) 

  • Workers' Compensation/Employers' Liability

  • Commercial Auto including Hired and Non-Owned Auto 

  • Surety Bonds

    • Bid and Performance

    • Labor and Material (Payment)

    • License and Permit

    • Maintenance

    • Subcontract

    • Supply​​

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Things to Consider
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Things to Consider

  • Limits of protection relative to your risk tolerance, the services you provide, the legal and claim climate of your location(s), your contractual requirements and the overall cost of insurance relative to your financial resources and assets at risk

  • Are independent contractors / sub-contractors acting on your behalf covered under your liability policies as insureds or excluded?  Are you collecting Certificates of Insurance (COIs) to mitigate audit exposures and claims?

  • How long are you exposed to ongoing liability claims for your completed work?

  • Is the definition of professional services provided by your insurer sufficient to cover all of your services as required?

  • Defense provision basis (right and duty, at carrier option, etc.)

  • State requirements for providing Workers' Compensation coverage based on your business legal structure and employee counts

  • Even if not required by law in your state to provide Workers' Compensation, do you have subcontractor exposures which you could be liable for, creating a gap if an accident occurs?

    • Do you collect COIs from your sub-contractors for Workers' Compensation or require acknowledgment of their exemption from the statutory requirement if allowed in your state(s) of operations?

  • If you need bonding, is your insurance agency staffed with personnel with a strong understanding of business finance and risk management to represent you well with bonding companies?​

Property Coverages

Focused on indemnifying you for a covered loss to your mobile equipment, tools and products/materials in transit or in the course of installation, buildings you own/rent and associated equipment, your business personal property, valuable papers and records, and business income.  It's important to remember you are only made as whole as your coverage is structured for and your causes of loss are applicable to.   Depending on factors such as the size and scope of your offerings and whether or not your business owns the facility(ies) you use, you may have fairly nominal property exposures or you may need a more detailed assessment, inventory and specific approach to ensure your are adequately covered for the equipment, supplies and tools used in providing your service.

Inland Marine - Equipment
Inland Marine - Records
Business Personal Property 2
Business Income

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  • Inland marine

    • Contractor equipment (tools, scaffolding, mobile equipment - e.g. skid steers, cranes, boom lifts)

    • Installation floaters

    • Accounts receivable and valuable papers and records

  • Business Personal Property

  • Building

  • Business Income 

  • Crime Coverage

  • Cyber - 1st Party

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Things to Consider


  • Coinsurance requirements and deductibles

  • Covered causes of loss: Multiple forms available from less covered in the "Basic" to all but those excluded in "Special" exist, ensure you have the right one for your circumstance.

  • Full inventory of property values you'll have away from your business location to fulfill your services as well as having a schedule of all mobile equipment and high value tools

  • Loss reimbursement basis:  Actual cash value, replacement cost, agreed to value, functional value or other basis determines the level of recovery you might receive

  • Levels of Business Income and Extra Expense coverage:  Are you subject to a defined dollar limit or covered just for specific causes of loss?  How dependent are you upon a physical location to drive your business and deliver your services?  Can you be up and running in another facility if needed and/or obtain the tools and equipment you need in short order if not location dependent?

Things to Consider
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Additional Coverages & Protection

Beyond your key liability and property coverages, you may have need for additional coverage, dependent upon whether: your business utilizes or works around products labeled as environmentally concerning, your business provides employee benefits or has multiple employees, your business has multiple owners/investors or organizational compliance requirements, you have technology resources you use to communicate/interact with clients through, you maintain electronic records of information on/for your clients or staff, and your desire to obtain higher limits of insurance than can be obtained by your primary liability policies.








  • Environmental Impairment/Pollution Liability 

  • Management/Executive Liability 

    • Directors and Officers (D&O) 

    • Employment Practices Liability (EPL) 

    • Fiduciary 

      • Employee Benefits Liability (EBL)

  • Cyber 3rd Party- While coverage for cyber perils is far from standardized some key liability coverages available are:

    • Data breach mitigation

    • Network security liability

    • Funds transfer fraud

    • Media liability

    • Social engineering

    • PCI, Regulatory proceedings and assessment 

  • Excess/Umbrella

Environmental Impairment - Pollution Liability
Fiduciary & Employee Benefits Liability
Network  Liability and Breach
Social Engineering
Excess and Umbrella

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Blue Print

Things to Consider

  • Are you obtaining required underlying limits to prevent coverage gaps between your primary and excess coverages?

  • Does your coverage include 1st and 3rd party coverage for Cyber and are you protected for exposure of personally identifiable information and regulatory (e.g. HIPAA) fine exposure.

  • Are you covered for 1st and 3rd Party claims for your Employment Practices coverages?

  • How many owners do you have and often do you raise capital from owner/investors? 

  • What level of regulatory oversight is the company exposed to beyond day to day operations?

  • Have regulations changed concerning classification of materials as pollutants or are their recent liability events that raise concerns about others in your industry?

Things to Consider
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Engineers and Businesspeople


More than an insurance agency, as a part of "Creating Genuine Insurance Partnerships", Distinction Risk Solutions works to provide you with risk related services to help you better manage your entire business.  For our clients, we provide many services simply for allowing us to partner with you as your insurance advisors.

  • The Distinction Way leverages over twenty years of risk and exposure analysis experience to provide you with a risk profile assessment, coverage analysis and assistance with insurable risk mitigation

  • Distinction Risk Solutions provided services 

    • Access to systems and tools that automate OSHA related processes and reporting, HR management, Federal and State requirement insights and much more

    • Access to a learning management system for your team to satisfy safety learning requirements and help with your loss performance