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Expect Great Things

#Distinction Risk Thursday Primer:

"I have high expectations for kids because my parents/grandparents had high expectations for me..." Michelle Obama paraphrased from "Becoming"

Just one of several powerfully delivered points I believe in and feel strongly about for people, myself and business pursuits included.

1) High expectations are challenging...and that's good. Someone believes you CAN! Remember that when challenge invokes stress.

2) Others may try to define you, but ultimately you get to decide who and what you want to be. OWN your now through focus, desire, drive, perseverance, meaningful targets

3) BELIEVE that people are generally good and thrive in a world of different experiences and perspectives...don't get caught up in media hype of more bad than good

4) The "higher" you get, the higher your impact and the more important it is to take the high road. In roles of leadership or influence the structure of your words ABSOLUTELY MATTERS. "When they go low we go high" - Michelle Obama

5) Pick yourself and others up, challenge awaits... #adapt, #grow, #contribute !- Chad Bertucci

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